Burgess Hill Junior Chess

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Burgess Hill Junior Chess

Our doors are open to all and we provide an opportunity to learn and play chess, especially for those who have no other opportunity to play chess at school or elsewhere. Training is provided by a highly experienced Chess Training Coach from Sussex Junior Chess.
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Beginners and chess players of all abilities are welcome to join for:

  • learning, even if you've never played before

  • practice against a number of different players who have different skill levels and styles

  • friendship and to challenge yourself

  • Most importantly…FUN

Winning or losing is down to you and your growing abilities. Losing is not as important as learning from it. You will be encouraged to discuss your game with your opponent in a spirit of friendship to help you to develop your mastery of the sport.

Whilst having fun and enjoying the challenge you will start to discover that you are developing qualities and skills that will be of great use to you for the rest of your life.

Chess encourages:

  • Healthy competition and teamwork;

  • Sportsmanship by accepting defeat or success with grace and self-control;

  • An improvement in memory and problem solving skills.

  • Social and communication skills leading to greater confidence.

Chess is an excellent way of using your free time and provides an interest that can be shared for life.

"The ability to work hard for days on end without losing focus is a talent. The ability to keep absorbing new information after many hours of study is a talent."
~ Garry Kasparov, World Champion 1985 -2000 ~