Burgess Hill Junior Chess
Home of the Kings!
Summer 2016 Competition Prizewinners
Plate Competition
Archie won the Plate competition, beating Charlie in the final, with Kaysan coming third.
Lighting Tournament
Matthew Barton won the lightning tournament, where all learned to play at speed, with Santiago coming second and Henry Tomkins third.
Knockout Tournament
Matthew also won the knockout tournament, Matthew beating Ayden in the final, and Santiago beating Joshua for third place. Players made progress in learning how to record a game for posterity and enabling Chris to analyse each game.
Grand Prix
Matthew also won the year-long ranking tournament, which shows consistent strategic thinking throughout the year. Ayden came second and Luke Herlihy third,
Brian Stockham’s comments
For parents of the younger and newer children, I know from experience as a coach that it can sometimes be dispiriting when one player wins three trophies. Therefore, we started a Plate competition for the younger ones. We have an age range from 5-16 years and it is necessary that newer players aspire to have the same commitment and long-term drive as Matthew has, and I have been coaching him since he was 7 years old.
What should not be forgotten is that the quality of chess in BHJC is rising all the time, and some of our younger players are surprising everyone with their success, showing great promise for the future.