Burgess Hill Junior Chess
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Sussex Megafinal & Other Competitions
The Megafinal qualifiers are: –


Under-7 Girls – Isabella Walsh
Under-7 Boys – Ivan Kaportsev
Under-8 Girls – Ava Halvatzis
Under-8 Boys – Charlie Wannasin Bell
Under-9 Girls – Emma Hardcastle
Under-9 Boys – Freddie Bee
Under-10 Boys – James Robertson
Under-11 Boys – Ayden Salajee & Oliver Goswamy
Under-13 Girls – Leah Douglas
Under-13 Boys – Nathan Drake
Under-14 Boys – Jack Barnett
Under-17 Boys – Matthew Barton
It takes commitment and enthusiasm to qualify, as well as some skill.  There were some excellent matches in the seven rounds, but Matthew Barton won the club championship with a score of 19/21, with Charlie Wannasin Bell for his age an excellent second on a tie-break from Ayden Salajee in third and Oliver Goswamy in fourth.


Other Competitions


Outside of the club, Joshua Bee, James Robertson and Ayden Salajee all played for the Sussex Under-11 team in a four-counties match in Maidenhead where the team came second.
Joshua and James were recently in the Under-11 team for the south zone final in Swindon, where both again contributed to the team coming second, but only on a tie-break and thereby qualifying for the national final.
Charlie Wannasin Bell has also played for Sussex Under-9s in their zone final which helped the Sussex team to a glorious win and qualification for the national final, with Charlie contributing a 100% score. This again shows the talent in our club.


We will be re-starting BHJC sessions on the first Monday back on 16th April and there will be six sessions up to and including Monday 21st May. If you are between the ages of 5 to 18 years, you are welcome to join. Contact bhjchess@gmail.com
Later in the term we will be starting internal club competitions involving both long, considered play and learning how to record games for analysis, plus learning the pressure of playing with time restriction and clocks. As usual there will be prizes for the top three places in each competition.