Burgess Hill Junior Chess

Home of the Kings

Code of Conduct for Players

Chess players are expected to:

1) Be respectful of others:

i) Shake hands with your opponent before and after each game
ii) Do not taunt, make fun of, or belittle
iii) Thoughtfully make your moves in a reasonable amount of time
iv) Do not brag about chess games at any time
v) Keep the noise level down while other games are being played

2) Abide by chess rules:

i) Touch rule
ii) Take back, and allow your opponent to take back, illegal moves
iii) Raise your hand for an adult advisor to settle any disputes
iv) Respect adult advisors by following their directions
v) Abide by the decisions of the Arbiters, Coaches or Organisers.

3) Be respectful of BHJC Property:

i) Don’t let pieces fall off the table or get mixed up with other pieces
ii) Set up your board at the end of your game
iii) Be gentle with chess clocks
iv) Never throw pieces or wipe out a board in frustration

4) No cheating:

i) By wilful disregard for chess rules
ii) By deception
iii) By helping anyone during their game

5) At the end of a session help each other to put the chess sets away in the store room.